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Horticultural LED Panel with 1200 LED Watts, 700 true RMS Watts, combining integrated 5 and 90 Watt LEDs, offering a greater light penetration. 3 dimmers to control the intensity and composition of the light spectrum and adapt the lighting to the needs of the plants. The XMAX range focuses on modularity, performance, safety and durability!

Product Description

XMAX 8 V2 – Horticultural LED Panel with 1200 LED Watts, 700 true Watts

A power and technology concentrate, equipped with 5 Watt LEDs and integrated 90 Watt LEDs!

With a total of 1200 LED Watts, it consumes 700 Watts and gives off a nearly 100% PAR light. The XMAX 8, as well as the other two models of the same range contains all the wavelengths, from UVA to infrared, in order to provide your plants with everything they need to grow.


The lamp is equipped with 3 dimmers, each one controlling a group of LEDs so you can use the XMAX from cutting to blossom, optimising the spectrum according to the current stage of the plant development.



If you go for horticultural LEDs, you can forget about cooltubes, light-bulb changes and anti-detection wraps…

Wavelenghts :

395nm UV, 430 and 460nm blues, 630 and 660nm reds, 740nm infrared, 2 700k white, 10 000k white.

Horticoled - LED Couleur XMAX

The exact composition of the LEDs is not disclosed in order to keep our technological lead.

Integrated LED – COB

The integrated LED technology or “Chips On Board” (COB) consists in placing multiple LED components (LED chips) within a small area to form a high intensity luminous flux.

It has the advantage of improving the light penetration and therefore allows the plants to receive light from a greater height.

XMAX V2 – Consistent power and lighting!

Thanks to the new integrated LEDs, horticultural LED lighting reaches a new level, offering performances that never were achieved before. Ordinary, horticultural LED panels are composed of multiple chips (electronic components) of 1 to 5W. By contrast, the XMAX panels consist of 90 Watt integrated LED (30×3 Watts) and 5 Watt dual-LED chips.

The best of both technologies is gathered into one single panel. The 90 watt modules allow a much greater penetration of light (luminous flux ability to pass through the canopy). Combined with 5 watt LEDs, the XMAX gives off a rich, powerful and consistent light spectrum. Throughout all this, you always have the ability to tweak the light spectrum so it all fits your needs.


XMAX V2 or V3?

Version 2 covers a greater area than version 3 because it is equipped with mini-reflectors instead of lenses. The luminous flux is wider and perfectly consistent, but the light penetration is lower than that of version 3, which gives off a very rich flux, allowing you to grow taller plants.

Quelle lampe horticole XMAX pour votre espace de culture ?

To sum up: choose your lightning according to what your favorite type of crop is!

Additional Information

Weight 15.5 kg
Poids net :

14 kg

Puissance LED :

1200 watts

Puissance Max :

700 watts

Puissance de fonctionnement

655 watts

Intensité du courant à puissance de fonctionnement normal

3,176 Amps

Puissance variateur 1 (COB)


Puissance variateur 2 (BLEU-UV)


Puissance variateur 3 (WHITE AND COMPLEMENTS)




Surface couverte

1,4 x 1 m

Nombres de ventilateurs



(photosynthetic photon flux density)

PPFD à 30 cm

956 µmol

PPFD à 45 cm

588 µmol

PPFD à 60 cm

360 µmol