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6 Packs Cultivator Plus LED – Method Seven

First glasses in the world designed for a perfect balance of light quality for the specific light spectrum LED lamps greenhouses. The unique technology of Method Seven lenses for lighting LED, premium materials and how to Carl Zeiss guarantee these products exceptional color and sharpness properties. Nylon lenses, available only unlined. UV protection of 100%.

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6 Packs Cultivator LED Plus – Method Seven

The 6 packs contain 6 glasses Method Seven Cultivator + LED presented in a pack highlighting them. Ideal to be placed on display on your counter.

Cultivator LED Plus Glasses

Cultivator protective goggles Plus is a new product brand Method Seven LED available in formulation. They are designed to provide the best optical quality for a synthetic lens and provide exceptional value to those working with LED lighting. The lenses are polycarbonate, manufactured by Carl Zeiss Vision with Tri-Flection methane coatings money for anti-reflection, glare reduction, and optimum UV protection.

These glasses allow you to observe your plants getting a color rendering as if your plants were lit by white light. So you will be able to more easily identify deficiencies or diseases of your plants. The light given off by horticultural lighting are harmful to the eyes by prolonged exposure due to the high light intensity. It is important to protect your eyes to avoid eye damage.

Many eyewear models are available, but none rivals the Method Seven!


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